What is a video resume and how can it help your job search?

A video resume is a short video created by a candidate for employment and uploaded to the Internet (or emailed to a hiring manager) for prospective employers to review.

A well-made video CV is an effective way to let your personality shine and impress recruiters, video CVs are increasing in popularity. With employers typically inundated with applications for every advertised role, it's important to make your CV stand out. One way that career-savvy graduates are doing this is by submitting their CV in video format.

Despite the common perception that video CVs are only applicable to certain vocations, they can get you noticed by recruiters in any sector.

To begin with, write down what you'd like to say. We don't attempt to film the video without a script -this can lead to forgetting important points or waffling to fill the time. We try not to lose track of what you want to say. Learning the script beforehand also prevents us from having to read from an autocue or notes.

Our professionals release your carefully prepared video resume and additional attachments. Your personal video is now available in mp4 and you have option to upload in youtube als well and can be accessed by anyone you wish to do so!

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